Project Development Saha Solar Energy

It serves its customers who want to produce their own energy with the help of Solar Energy.

Within the scope of Land SPP Processes, it manages all the application, permit, zoning and license processes required for its customers to realize their investments on their behalf. This process includes the following services.

  • Finding Project Sites and Consumption Points:
    Finding suitable lands and consumption points for this business in order to make unlicensed solar energy investments,
  • Preparation of Required Documents for Project Application:
    Preparing the necessary documents, especially the Agricultural Marginal Certificate, which is one of the most important documents to be obtained in order to make a project application and shows that the field is not suitable for agriculture to a certain extent, and the document showing that it is out of the scope of the EIA,
  • Making the Application and Receiving the Call Letter for the Connection Agreement:
    Making an application to Electricity Distribution Companies (EDAŞ), receiving the Connection Agreement Call Letter from EDAŞ as a result of preliminary and technical evaluation,
  • Preparation of Financial Reports and Presentations for Banks:
    Preparation of financial reports and presentations for banks in order to provide project financing, participation in financing meetings with banks if necessary,
  • Obtaining All Site and Implementation Zoning Permits in Municipalities:
    Management of 1/5.000 local zoning and 1/1.000 application zoning processes to be carried out before the District Municipality, taking the opinions of all institutions, monitoring the permit process and the suspension process, which is one of the works that should be done before the installation.
  • Preparation of TEDAŞ Electricity Project:
    Making the electricity project of the generation facility, presenting it to Ankara TEDAŞ with the construction static report, realizing the revision requests of TEDAŞ units, following the approval process with the company that made the project,
  • Making Connection Agreement with EDAŞ:
    Signing the connection agreement with EDAŞ after the approval of the electricity project and the completion of the zoning process,
  • Preparation of Tender Specifications for Installation, Management of Tender, Selection of Contractor:
    Preparing the tender files for determining the most suitable contractor company (EPC companies) to install the GES facility, managing the tender process, determining the winning company,
  • Supervision During Facility Establishment:
    Managing the start-up/installation process of the SPP facility, ensuring that the installation is carried out quickly and efficiently by being on site, preparing weekly reports, ensuring coordination between the contractor and the employer,
  • Provisional Acceptance and System Usage Agreement with EDAŞ:
    After the installation is completed, the provision of temporary acceptance by TEDAŞ teams, the organization of the field trips of the acceptance committee and then the process of signing the system usage agreement with EDAŞ,
  • Making Insurance Agreements:
    Receiving offers from companies in order to ensure that the SPP facility is insured with optimum conditions in order to protect against possible damages that may occur in the future,
  • Making Maintenance/Repair Agreements:
    In order to ensure the smooth and correct operation of the GES facility, receiving offers from the relevant companies for maintenance, repair and monitoring services, making agreements,
  • Obtaining Power Transmission Lines and Passing Route Permits:
    Adjusting the transit routes of the electricity lines required for the grid supply of the energy produced at the facility, making negotiations with the landowners, obtaining the necessary permits,
  • Making Building Permits, Building Use and Working Permits:
    After the completion of the installation and zoning stages, obtaining the “building license” by making an architectural project, the “building occupancy permit” by performing SGK procedures, and the “working license” by taking the opinions of all institutions from the relevant Municipality or Municipal institutions.
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