Employer Engineering

It provides technical consultancy and Employer Engineering services to investors during the construction of renewable energy projects. Within these services,

Design Selection and Yield Analysis

Making settlements according to European Standards over the structure of the roof or the land.

Financial Feasibility Study

Proposals from EPC companies are included in the cost analysis and a project-specific financial feasibility model is made.

Preparation of Tender Specifications

The technical and administrative specifications for the tender for the selection of the contractor company are prepared and the bids submitted by the candidate contractors are evaluated.

Panels, panels, constructions, etc. used in power plant manufacturing. Inspections of the main products are made before they are shipped to the field, during the production phase and during the field delivery.

Technical Consulting in the Contractor Selection Process

Providing technical consultancy services to the investor in the EPC selection processes according to the project and technical specifications

  • Distribution organization applications
  • Preparation of electrical projects
  • Preparation of static projects
  • Connection agreements
  • Temporary admission
  • System Usage agreement
  • Land determination suitable for solar power plant installation
  • Analysis of the investor’s existing land or roof
  • Analysis of electricity consumption and electricity bills
  • Preparation of draft projects
  • Approximate cost determination
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Field inspection
  • System design
  • Shading Analysis
  • Simulation Studies
  • Engineering Calculations
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